Shakespeares Auntie Suzanne Clark Suzi C

Shakespeare's Auntie

Who were the women in Shakespeare’s life? His wife, Anne to whom he left his second-best bed? His daughter Susannah to whom he left everything else? His illiterate daughter Judith who got nothing? A mystery London lady-love? Perhaps.

One thing’s for sure. He must’ve had an Auntie. Someone who fussed over him, scrubbed his hose and darned his doublet. The Unknown Soldier of domesticity and duty.

A woman a bit like me … someone who has looked after others in work and play. Did she ever dream of writing a play, in-between pegging out the clothes and cooking the dinner?

Here is my work. Plays, musicals, poetry, photography and art. It’s taken too long to share it.

If it strikes a chord, get in touch.


Suzi Clark


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