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How can we work together?


I’m open to ideas … I can offer a range of professional services such as:

  • Inspiring, entertaining talks

  • Fundraising consultancy

  • Career coaching for individuals

  • Creative partnership on events and productions

I will generally offer a free initial consultation as long as you come to me. After that, I have hourly rates set at £125 per hour upwards.

I’m also open to bartering my services instead of financial contract, in return for using your skills/expertise to promote my creative work.

Perhaps my writing may have resonated with you and you’d like to talk to me about putting on one of my original plays/musicals or you might like to order my first published book?

Whatever it is, please use my contact form to get in touch!


You can also find me on Linked In and through Kit and Caboodle Ltd.

Please note that my Facebook page is for personal contacts only, not for my professional work.

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