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Suzi Clark is an accredited speaker for The Women’s Institute (Herts) giving 30+ talks a year to their groups. She also speaks regularly for U3A and local Herts community groups. Her charges range from £25 - £275 for a talk plus transport at 45p per mile return journey for petrol and time to be discussed for long-distance events.


She offers in personal or virtual talks of up to one hour. 


Suzi can speak on a wide range of subjects, she offers FOUR basic talks, all humorous and based on true anecdotes:


(1) An Eventfull Life – her work life as a director in the events industry and beyond – catastrophes galore … sometimes involving some quite famous people ...  and some spectacular “wins” along the way.


(2) Butterflies and Baked Beans – based on her first book - what happens to an older professional woman when an elderly parent gets dementia and she loses her job to become his carer. This talk also includes entertaining stories from her first book of her experiences of internet dating. Sookie, the heroine, is remarkably like Suzi – and her experiences are more than a little true.


(3) Honeybees and Heartburn – her second book which she now hopes to publish by Christmas this year.  This talk tackles internet dating, and what happens when you marry in haste … as well as finding and losing love in later life. Sookie finds herself in the middle of more muddle than before - and there is already laughter and tears, and Suzi is only halfway through writing it!


(4) An Artful Life – those people, particularly women, who at eighteen were put off art college because secretarial college was more likely, in the eyes of their parents, to help them earn a living. But what happens, fifty years later, when lockdown finds someone with a box of paints and a paintbrush in their hand for the first time. Creativity, like a good woman (or man), will find a way out … one way or the other.


Suzi will occasionally bring her guitar to enjoy a musical interlude during the talk, if requested.


Anyone wanting to book a talk should get in touch as soon as possible as she is booking through to Autumn 2024.


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