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BUTTERFLIES AND BAKED BEANS published November 2019 on AMAZON (paperback and Kindle)

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My first novel is for like-minded people my own age, facing the terrors and opportunities that come with being 60+.


Sookie, the heroine, is a little bit me and possibly a little bit you.


She skids into her sixties believing it’s going to be a doddle. After all, isn’t every turning point as much of an opportunity as a disaster?


She feels confident she can re-invent herself from company director to carer to land-lady, just as she adapted from daughter to wife to mother to widow and back to daughter.


How hard can it be? She plunges into stormy waters, through floods, hurricanes and the uncharted waters of internet dating. She can handle a randy lodger never mind a neurotic wolfhound called George. Her girlfriends, the Marigolds, say that her adventures are more entertaining than watching East Enders.


But like most optimists, Sookie only sees the hole in the doughnut after she’s fallen through it.   A heart-warming tale of friendship, fun and magic – guaranteed to begin in delight and end in wisdom.

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If you are a blogger or an online influencer in terms of book reviews, please write to me for a complimentary copy.


What's Next? Sookie’s adventures continue in:


HONEYBEES AND HEARTBURN – due to be published in 2022

DRAGONFLIES AND DIAMONDS – due to be published in 2023




I wrote a full length novel, Silver Apples of the Moon, never submitted for publication. Set in a Gulf state in the 21st century – it’s a political thriller in part, but also a love story. I was told that a mixed race romance beween an Arab man and an English woman was unacceptable at the time.


Re-reading it recently, perhaps its time has come?


Please write to me if you are a publisher, an agent or have any comments on my work – I’d love to hear from you.

Butterflies and Baked Beans Book Suzi Clark
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